The «Secret» Driving Force Behind Zerus & Ona

Burnout. I’ve been there. And it’s not fun.

It was actually one of the reasons that made me quit my career as an architect. Back in 2012 we were working on a competition for a school at the office. And it was happening again: we were running late. But this time, it was the worst time ever and I ended up hitting the deadline after working 48 hours straight. 

I came back home that morning and I told my then boyfriend (now husband), “I’m done with this”There was something inside of me that still needed to believe that we, Humans, can do (artistic) work without burning ourselves out in the process. It was time for me to move on. 

For many years, I barely made any art (except from coding!) until Zerus & Ona. 

And, this time, things needed to be different. 

During the first months, there wasn’t a big need for planning or structure. It all started as a rain of chaotic random ideas building a mountain of mess (now saved in a gigantic folder inside my cupboard!). But, as the project evolved, I needed to find a way to set goals and meet milestones. 

So, I went back to what I knew from “pre-baby” days. I put in place every productivity system that I liked in the past: bullet journaling, pomodoros, GTD… you name it. But, I soon realized that these tools were not working. Why? Because, from time to time, I felt glimpses of a burnout. Not fun.

But, how?! This was not architecture and I didn’t have a boss to set my agenda. This was my own project! So then… why was I feeling drained, exhausted and losing the excitement?

It was then when a friend of mine (thank you, Elena!) mentioned the idea of working with my cycle. 

After some weeks reading all I could find, I was still geeking out on the menstrual cycle. 

I learned that we, women, don’t work in a linear way, but that we are cyclical. That our energies change along our cycle. And that there are optimum times for Rest, Execution, Nurturing and Creation. Wow!

So, I began to apply the same four energies to Z&O.

I stopped thinking in terms of weeks or calendar months. And I started to work in cycles. This really meant to do things differently! 

I’ve now been working with my cycle and tracking it for 8 months and the results are mind-blowing. It’s revolutionizing completely the way I look at my work and my life. 

The recent release of Zerus gets a Virus proves that this new approach actually works. It’s out, shipped, DONE. The store opened two weeks ago and the book has already reached 9 countries. Which is a big success!! 

And, wanna hear the best news? After these two years of work, I don’t feel drained or exhausted. I’m still excited about the project and I’m looking forward to the future. 

THIS is what makes Z&O even a greater success!

Now, chances are high that you, Human reading this, are a man. And that’s why, for a while, I asked myself, “What if I talk about the menstrual cycle as one of the main forces driving Zerus & Ona? Would men also be into this?” Well, chances are also high that you’re living or working with a woman. Or you’re raising one! Maybe you know how a burnout feels and this time you also want to do things differently.

Either way, yes. You, man, are into this.

And it’s time that we, Humans, start talking about it.

Zerus gets a Virus - Pre-order
“Zerus gets a Virus” is the first title in the collection of Zerus & Ona and is (finally!) out.

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