Crossing The Desert With Zerus & Ona And The Oases Along The Journey

Last month I visited Springest, where I used to work as a software developer some years ago. One of my ex-colleagues, who has been following the project of Zerus & Ona since the start —more than two years ago now— asked me to share with the team some of my biggest learnings during this time.

When you hear entrepreneurs and artists talking about their beginnings, many of them refer to it as a very solitary moment in their lives, where you end up spending a big amount of time alone, playing around with your idea. My experience was very similar and that’s why the name of my talk “Crossing the Desert with Zerus & Ona”.

In this talk I’ll walk you through my own journey, highlighting my own challenges and the oases I found that helped me to overcome them. You can watch it here and check out the slides here.

I hope that you find any of it useful and, if you are interested in the project, you can read more about it at


Oasis #1 – Journaling

The Artist’s Way

Oasis #2 – Playing


Oasis #3 – Nurturing

Affinity Designer for iPad

Society of Visual Storytelling

Oasis #4 – GivING Meaning

16 Personalities

Oasis #5 – Planning

The Optimized Woman